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vTiger, Taxes, VAT

If a product is taxable, the Tax checkbox must be checked in the product Pricing Information, otherwise, it will not be possible to set a tax in quotes or invoices.

There is a Tax Class field in the Product table, which does not seem to be used.

Taxe Types and Tax Rates are stored in table:

Table Field Type Null Key Default Extra
vtiger_producttaxrel productid int(11) NO MUL NULL
vtiger_producttaxrel taxid int(3) NO MUL NULL
vtiger_producttaxrel taxpercentage decimal(7,3) YES NULL

There is a line for each product for which Tax has been checked.

When one imports Products, there is apparently no way to import or set the Tax.

So I log into phpMyAdmin. I export the Products into a CSV, which gets me the productid

I create a new csv file with “productid”;”taxid”;”taxpercentage” value for each product.

productid comes from the vtiger_product table
taxid comes from the table vtiger_inventorytaxinfo
taxpercentage is the percentage: 17.000 as example.

I then load the csv file with phpMyAdmin into the table vtiger_producttaxrel.