vtiger CRM 5.10 database table descriptions

To find out which are the fields that store prices, we have extracted the descriptions of all the tables found in vTiger CRM 5.10.

The description can be found in vTiger CRM 5.10 Tables descriptions

There are numerous places which store prices or money amounts. These are declared as decimal(x,y) :

Table Field Type
vtiger_inventoryproductrel listprice decimal(25,3)
vtiger_inventoryproductrel discount_amount decimal(7,3)
vtiger_invoice adjustment decimal(25,3)
vtiger_invoice subtotal decimal(25,3)
vtiger_invoice total decimal(25,3)
vtiger_invoice discount_amount decimal(25,3)
vtiger_invoice s_h_amount decimal(25,3)
vtiger_pricebookproductrel listprice decimal(25,2)
vtiger_productcurrencyrel converted_price decimal(25,2)
vtiger_productcurrencyrel actual_price decimal(25,2)
vtiger_products unit_price decimal(25,2)
vtiger_purchaseorder adjustment decimal(25,3)
vtiger_purchaseorder total decimal(25,3)
vtiger_purchaseorder subtotal decimal(25,3)
vtiger_purchaseorder discount_amount decimal(25,3)
vtiger_purchaseorder s_h_amount decimal(25,3)
vtiger_quotes subtotal decimal(25,3)
vtiger_quotes adjustment decimal(25,3)
vtiger_quotes total decimal(25,3)
vtiger_quotes discount_amount decimal(25,3)
vtiger_quotes s_h_amount decimal(25,3)
vtiger_salesorder adjustment decimal(25,3)
vtiger_salesorder total decimal(25,3)
vtiger_salesorder subtotal decimal(25,3)
vtiger_salesorder discount_amount decimal(25,3)
vtiger_salesorder s_h_amount decimal(25,3)
vtiger_service unit_price decimal(25,2)
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